Qube®Pro powered by eyeflexa™+ Phacoemulsification System

MULTI-UPGRADE SYSTEM designed to evolve with your needs

Designed for anterior, posterior and combined surgeries, with a multi-upgrade system, you only pay for what you need when it comes to the surgical capabilities of eyeflexa.

The intended use is to remove the natural crystalline lens during cataract surgery as well as anterior and posterior segment vitrectomy in the human eye.

DUAL-FUNCTION CASSETTE A one (or single) cassette system,designed to offer a simple and unique solution for cataract, vitreoretinal or combined procedures, streamlining purchasing and preparation setup for the OR team.

Additional programmable buttons on the IR remote offer quick access while a color touchscreen with programmable audible feedback altogether allow for a highly flexible setup.



  • Resonance frequency: 40±2 kHz, 0–100%, pulsation frequency adjustable (Automated Continuous Tuning);
  • Phaco modes: Pulsed, burst, Qubic, width, constant, pause;

  • Irrigation / aspiration

  • Irrigation: Pressurized IPC (infusion pressure control) 5–120 mmHg; gravity (electric or manual I.V.-pole);
  • Aspiration: Soft venturi pump 650 mmHg at sea level, rise time adjustable;
  • Gravitative or infusion pressure control (IPC)
  • Auto backflush

  • Diathermy

  • Bipolar diathermy
  • Connection power: 9W / 50Ω; 2MHz ±20%

  • Pneumatic cutter

  • Cutting rate:1,500 cpm (up to 3,000 cpm with Bi-Blade)


  • VFI, fluid air exchange, active VF extraction.


Single or dual-linear functions, 8 programmable buttons, wired or wireless.

WIRELESS PROGRAMMABLE DUAL-LINEAR FOOTSWITCH Complete flexibility of foot pedal options to suit your surgical preferences and technique, while reducing cable clutter on the OR floor.

Available in both wired and wireless options with the flexibility to customize either in single or duallinear setting, providing you with complete control to optimize fluidic, energy and cutting performance.