HOYA Vivinex Toric Preloaded IOL

Ease of Use

The Vivinex iSert® Preloaded IOL Implantation System for efficient minimal invasive surgery

  • The iSert® system provides controlled IOL delivery that is highly predictable and reproducible. It reduces the time-consuming steps of inserter preparation, cleaning and sterilization. The completely disposable, closed system offers sterility and an untouched IOL.

HOYA Vivinex iSert®

HOYA Vivinex

HOYA Vivinex iSert® Specifications

  • UV and blue light filter;
  • Optic Material - Hydrophobic Acrylic;
  • Optic Design:
    • Biconvex;
    • Anterior: Aspheric design;
    • Posterior: Toric.
  • Haptic Material - Hydrophobic Acrylic;
  • Haptic Design - Textured-rough haptic surface;
  • Dimension (Optic/OAL) - 6.0 mm/13.00 mm;
  • Power - +10.0 to +30.0 D (in 0.5 D increments);
  • Cylinder Power -1.0 to 6.0 D (T3 to T9):
    • T2 to T3 in 0.50 D increments;
    • T3 to T9 in 0.75 D increments.
  • Nominal A-Constant - 118.9;
  • IOL Master Constants Haigis a0 = -0.8028 a1 = 0.2133 a2 = 0.2245;
  • Hoffer Q pACD = 5.697;
  • Holladay 1 sf = 1.934;
  • SRK/T A = 119.198;
  • Injector - Vivinex iSert® preloaded;
  • Front injector tip outer diameter - 1.70 mm;
  • Incision - As low as 2.20 mm.

Accurate Calculation for improving Toric IOL Results

    Enhance lens placement and minimize postoperative astigmatism

  • IOL Suggestions: The HOYA Toric Calculator will suggest several HOYA Toric IOLs from which you may choose to treat a patient's refractive cylinder resulting from corneal astigmatism.
  • Astigmatic correction will be calculated for all toric lens powers and a non toric lens as well.

  • Axial Placement: The Calculator will suggest intra-operative axial placement of the IOL that is intended to minimize postoperative astigmatism.
  • Visualizing the Placement: Along with the recommended axis for Toric IOL placement, the Calculator provides an image of the eye with the incision location, steep and flat corneal axis, and the axis of placement for the Toric IOL.
  • HOYA Calculator provides also additional proposal for under and over-corrections if needed.
HOYA TORIC Calculator