Super Exam 50

Super Exam 50

Philips Burton´s Super Exam 50 delivers best-in-class intensity, color temperature and CRI - all on a highly-positionable K-arm.

Delivering higher illumination in a limited area, Super Exam 50 is ideal for obstetrics, gynecology and emergency rooms.

Super Exam 50 uses halogen technology for maximum light output and color rendering.

A dual lens optical system collects and concentrates the light in a precise beam


  • High-intensity of 45,750 lux (4250 fc) at 24" (61 cm)
  • 3800 K color temperature
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 99
  • Drift-free K-arm with 42" (107 cm) arm range
  • 50W MR-16 bulb with 4000-hour life
  • 5-year limited warranty

K-Arm technology

K-Arm technology

Medical products are used in a dynamic environment and need a great level of flexibility. Friction-based arms with tightening screws make movement a problem.

If you loosen a friction screw too much, the arm will collapse! That´s why Philips Burton´s Super Exam 50 and Super Exam 50 LED use a unique, self-balancing K-Arm. No other arm in the market offers this kind of extensive reach.

Internal springs ensure smooth, easy positioning and the arm will stay in the right position without drifting.


  • UL/IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN/IEC 60601-2-41 and CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.1 M90 certified
  • CE marked

Super Exam 50

Note: This product is NOT available in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Germany, UK, Ireland, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands or Iceland