Swifi transfer chair

Swifi, The Accessible, Manoeuvrable Transfer Chair

The Swifi transfer chair is equipped with flip-up armrests, an open-sided seat and a retractable foot rest with side foot control, to respect the patient’s intimacy and dignity. This chair is available in 2 widths to adapt to different patient body shapes. Seamless upholstery and a mono block metallic frame contribute to making cleaning easier.

Standard Features

  • Upholstery widths 47 or 60cm;
  • Electrogalvanized steel frame with light grey epoxy finish;
  • Epoxy finished push bar;
  • Backrest and seat in class M1 flame retardant seamless covering;
  • Patient file holder;
  • Clothes basket;
  • Adjustable arm rests with stopper;
  • Retractable footrest with bilateral control;
  • Front shock absorbers;
  • Rear castors Ø 300mm with centralized brakes;
  • Front castors Ø 100mm – ball bearing;
  • 58cm seat height.

Swifi Transfert Chair Product Features


  • Patient weight capacity: 200kg (tested at a static weight of 600kg);
  • Built-in clothes basket;
  • Patient file holder;
  • Push bar full width;
  • Rear casters Ø 300mm;
  • Various accessories.


  • Liftable armrests;
  • Open -sided seat;
  • Retractable foot rest with bilateral control;
  • Exists in 2 widths (47 and 60cm).


  • 200kg patient weight capacity;
  • Rear casters diameter 300mm with centralised brake;
  • Front shock absorbers.


  • Seamless seat- and back rests;
  • Monoblock steel frame.