Ocea shower trolley

The Ocea Shower Trolley By Promotal, Designed To Last

The specific steel structure with anti-corrosion treatment of the Ocea shower trolley by Promotal is ideal to combat regular exposure to damp and is therefore impeccable in terms of hygiene. Easy to clean and use, this shower trolley will facilitate work for care workers. The fully foldable stainless steel side rails and hydraulic variable height facilitate patient transfer from the bed to the shower trolley, whilst protecting you from MSD.

Info: With its specific design, made to last and to facilitate life for care workers, the shower trolley will protect you from Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD).

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic variable height from 65 - 102cm;
  • Bilateral pump control;
  • Structure in stainless steal with anti-corrosion treatment (cataphoresis);
  • Grey epoxy polyester finish;
  • Tray in stainless steel 18/10;
  • Trays ABS smooth;
  • Polyester padded tub with reinforced PVC covering;
  • Evacuation hose with stopper (Ø int. 50mm, Ø ext. 60mm) and retaining ring;
  • Removable headrest;
  • 4 castors Ø 150 mm, 3 with brakes and 1 directional;
  • Folding stainless steel side rails;
  • Integrated basket;
  • 4 shock absorbers;
  • 200 kg patient weight capacity
  • Trendelenburg's command (for model 2392-01).

More About The Ocea Shower Trolley


  • Hydraulic variable height;
  • Removable headrest;
  • 4 castors Ø 150 mm 3 with brakes and 1 directional
  • Integrated basket for personal belongings.


  • Entirely welded tub;
  • Wide weldings to facilitate cleaning;
  • Welded drain;
  • Evacuation hose Ø 50 mm with retaining ring;
  • Smooth evacuation hose to avoid germs retention and unpleasant odours;
  • Hose retaining ring to avoid water leakage during transfer.


  • Very stable ’H’ shaped foot;
  • Robust raising arms;
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg;
  • Trendelenburg - reverse Trendelenburg (depending on models);
  • M1 fire-retardant covering (depending on the colour, see colour chart)


  • 200 kg patient weight capacity;
  • Polyester padded tub with reinforced PVC covering;
  • Tray and side rails are entirely made of stainless steel;
  • Structure with anti-corrosion treatment (cataphoresis);
  • 4 shock absorbers.


  • Hydraulic variable height from 59 to 96 cm;
  • Trendelenburg's command;
  • Folding side rails under the tray to facilitate patient transfer from bed to trolley.