Prima SP MRI Anaesthesia System

Prima SP MRI Anaesthesia System

Designed specifically for use in a MRi Facility.

Tested for attraction, stability of performance, and effect on image in close proximity to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System*

  • Cascade Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air Flowmeters
  • Mechanical AHD
  • Two station Selectatec back bar
  • Colour coded panels, and MRi status label
  • The Nuffield 200 Ventilator is a pneumatically driven time-cycled ventilator
  • The IDP Alarm is a self-contained battery powered alarm

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

*Prima SP MRi Systems (equipped only with any of the devices listed below), are validated for use in proximity to the 100 millitesla (1000 Gauss) line generated by actively shielded 1.5T and 3T magnets, if used in compliance with user instructions.

Validation for use in proximity to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System does not infer zero magnetism, but a level of magnetism within a specified magnetic field.

Please contact your Penlon representative for further information.

Users must, as a precautionary measure, make an individual check of MRi suitability of any device with their particular MRi facility before use.

Devices tested for use with Prima SP MRi System

  • A200SP Absorber
  • Sigma Delta Vaporizer
  • Nuffield 200 Ventilator
  • IDP Alarm
  • AGSS Receiver
  • SC760 Suction Controller (high suction)
  • East Suction Controller (high suction)